Assessment Tool

The tool steps the archivist through the evaluation of a website.  Note that no personal information is recorded during this review.


The first two screens include optional links to a preparation video (40 sec.) and an overview video (9:40).  Then, each of the nine components is presented for review, including content that allows the researcher to:

  • ask questions,
  • browse holdings information,
  • search holdings information,
  • view search results information,
  • accumulate selected container information,
  • save selected container information,
  • review information about planning a research visit,
  • schedule a research appointment, and
  • request materials for an appointment.

The tool offers three optional fields to more completely populate the summary page that serves as a final report:

  • the full URL for the archives main webpage,
  • the name of the archives including its parent organization, and
  • the type of device used to view the repository’s website.

The tool then provides the APRO Index score and a summary page that includes the APRO Index score, the raw score, the percentage score, and a summary of each component.  The summary page may be printed or downloaded and used to garner support for a redesign project or future comparison to any follow-up evaluations by the archivist.

An archivist may evaluate their own website or the websites of other repositories they admire.  There is no limit to the number of evaluations that may be performed using the ARPO Index Assessment Tool.

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